About Us

Who We Are


Evolution Cabinets Inc. is a business specializing in designing and building custom kitchens, closets, vanities, and wall units.

We provide our customers the opportunity to choose from an abundant variety of colors, finishes, and materials to create a personal addition to their homes. Our team is also able to digitally design your project and make as many changes as required to reach the desired design. The master craftsmen of our company have over 100 years of experience combined.

Lastly, our company provides free in-home estimates in the NYC area.

Our Four Step Plan

Throughout history, the ability to create something physical from an idea deemed a person as great. At Custom Kitchen Cabinetry, our experience and ability to create something physical from someone else’s idea deems us as master craftsmen. Only our workforce can place the time and effort to create a variety of kitchen cabinets, closets, vanities, and wall units that fit to almost any specification. With a variety of wood and finishes, even a flexible budget can create something great.

The craftsmen at Custom Kitchen Cabinetry specialize in creating kitchen cabinets, closets, vanities, and wall units in variable sizes. There are no pre-made measurements. All of our units are created under the accurate dimensions our workforce take to get the closest price estimate we can get. We fit can fit snug corners, open spaces, even those spaces that just don’t feel right empty.

The process to leave our customers with a satisfied unit is followed as a four step plan.

Step one: Meet the customer.

We always want to meet the people we will be working for to get a better idea of what you would want, and how you would want it. We are always available to schedule a date and time to come to you in the New York City / New Jersey area and get your dimensions to the millimeter.

Step two: Get a design on paper.

To make sure the customer and craftsman are on the same page, the craftsman will produce a rough hand-sketched design, which when confirmed, will be taken back to the workshop to be digitally rendered. We will re-draw and re-render the digital image as much as we need to get the customer their exact vision on paper. At this step, the financial aspect would have already been discussed and agreed upon.

Step three: Time to forge.

Our master woodworkers will now be taking the digital rendering and make it reality with the use of both industrial tools and our hands for those can’t-miss details. The unit will then be constructed to confirm that our work is at its best. Once we have confirmed and double-checked the quality of our work, the unit is taken apart and sent out for delivery.

Step four: Installation.

Once the unit is ready to be sent out, the customer is then contacted to schedule available days for installation. We guarantee to level the unit perfectly, and in mint condition, regardless of the condition of the floor or walls. Nothing will stop our units from being flawless.

Our dedication is what makes us great, but our skill is what makes us masters. Here at Custom Cabinetry NYC, we will provide the quality and service you expect, at a reasonable price.