Custom Kitchen Cabinets: F.A.Q Part I

May 4, 2017

Custom Kitchen Cabinets F.A.Q Part I

What materials do you make your cabinets from?

We have a broad range of materials available to chose from.  MDF, Melamine, Chinese Wood, American Wood, Spanish Wood, and many more!

We allow a broad variety when choosing the material for your custom kitchen cabinets as to allow customers with different budgets to still remain happy with their quality product.


Can I choose the height?

You can choose and alter every dimension in your custom kitchen cabinets. Height, length, and width are all at your disposal.

When choosing the design for your custom kitchen cabinets, we may make suggestions as to what would be physically inadvisable to do.

I have a tight budget; can I still purchase custom kitchen cabinets?

The answer to this question has many factors. The size of the kitchen, the quality of the material, the required finish, and even the quality of hinges may come into question on the price-tag of custom kitchen cabinets.

We will try to work with any reasonable budget!


My kitchen is pretty small, can we still have something done?

One of the benefits of custom kitchen cabinets is that any kitchen can be a work of art with good design! 5′ or 25′  any kitchen can be the envy of the neighborhood!



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