Cabinet Care and Maintenance

May 13, 2017

Cabinet Care and Maintenance

With proper and delicate care and maintenance, your cabinet will surely last long more than its expected shelf life. Keeping your kitchen cabinet for years without doing anything to maintain its luster won’t do well for your cabinetry. To prolong its life, you need a guide that will help you deal with the complete to-do list.

Here’s a comprehensive guide for beginners or starters who don’t have any idea in terms of caring and maintaining their kitchen cabinets. Take note that quality cabinetry are always at excellent condition even if it’s used on a daily basis. Some touch-ups will do so check out these tips below.

General Care

Let’s start with the basic. Cabinets are made of various materials at which some may rotten more easily than the others. In the case of all-wood construction with maximum furniture finish, it does not tear or wear easily hence, you can expect that it will serve you for a long time.
Make sure that you have your cabinets tested to guarantee that they stay structurally sturdy and amazing. As much as possible, the testing must be done at least once a week to ensure that have fine structure through years.

Dealing with Humidity and Heat

Caring for your cabinet should be done with extreme caution. If you want them to last long then you must be do extra care with the appliances that you place around the cabinet. Appliances that emit high intensity of heat must be distant from cabinetry. Exposure from extreme heat may cause damage on the cabinet and its drawers.

On the other hand, excessive humidity may also make your cabinets wear easily that is why you need to keep those surfaces clean and dry. Be extra conscious of moisture that might be starting to build-up in the cabinet because it can be a spot for mold to develop and find shelter.

Use of Cleaners

Cleaning of cabinets is part of the care routine that you do but, make sure to use only the right materials and tools for cleaning. Harsh abrasives can ruin the coat of the finish leaving stain on the surfaces. You should use only soft pads and sponges that won’t do anything on the cabinet or won’t even leave a mark. Do not use scouring sponge pads, steel wool, wax or paste that contains silicone.

Exposure to Light

Does it damage your cabinet when it’s exposed to light often? Of course! UV light can affect the aesthetic appearance of the cabinet. Through time, it will appear lighter and older. You won’t like the appearance when it’s almost not like it was when you first bought it or install it in the kitchen. The light may eliminate its natural characteristics and the color will fade in time. As your cabinetry receives a portion of UV light every single day, you can expect that its appearance won’t be as favorable as before.


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